Will the 2019 Toyota Avalon be Your Next Sedan?

Planning to buy your next luxury Sedan? What could be better than a Toyota Avalon? Do you agree? If not yet decided, take a look before finalizing your shortlist. This year, for 2019 Toyota has taken all the right steps to highlight their flagship model Avalon with features that all who are fond of sports cars would undeniably appreciate.

To be precise enough, the 2019 Toyota Avalon jumped directly onto the territory of sporty vehicles to take an upper hand on its rivals. All the trim levels of the 2019 Toyota Avalon are made ready for bigger adventures this year. The full-size sedan from Toyota that we explored at the Middleton Toyota dealer wears a much sportier looks with its latest designs that packs an equally attractive features package to match.

What’s New?

With the new 2019 refreshments, the Toyota Avalon appeared to be longer and much lower than its earlier outgoing version, without interfering with its overall interior space, although some changes are there both inside and under the skin. Even the exterior shows some figure-hugging looks to get a more athletic body to leave behind its close rivals in this segment.

The Sporty Look

Once you walk past the front grille and bumper, the body makes you stare through its sleek finish and head towards the rear that now wears a more sophisticated look than its yester-year version. The 2019 Avalon from Toyota can be considered a standout in the crowd of full-sized sedans that sports the most daring curves till date, that oozes out sportiness from every corner.

The Gorgeous Interior

The first term pops up in your mind once you step inside the 2019 Toyota Avalon is “gorgeous”. It is not only the premium interior materials that brings about this image but also the layout that exhibits an aesthetic taste that is exclusive in every sense of the term. Toyota has not compromised in making things real. So you get a high quality wood trim with a cohesive and cozier look that looks sharp but doesn’t come in the way of its sprawling spacious room.

Engine Performance

Under the hood, in almost every Avalon trim you will get to see a V-6 engine that can crank a 301 of horsepower without a cough. This powerful performance is aptly rounded up with a keen handling. Thanks to the 8-speed automatic transmission that are told to send power preferably to the front wheels.

All the trim levels of the 2019 Toyota Avalon ride on a front strut that comes with a rear multilink suspension to tame down the fussy roads. The base of the Avalon is made of high-strength steel that installs a spring setup to achieve maximum flexibility. Toyota’s first manufactured adaptive damping suspension system is found on the upper trims that now successfully firms up the responses and help in a sportier take. During our drives with the 2019 Toyota Avalon at the Toyota dealer serving Middleton, we found the adaptive dampers performing just the way they have been advertised.

Overall the performance of the latest 2019 Avalon shows equal level of maturity with a restraint that is necessary to achieve that elastic maneuverability.