How to Jump Start Your Mercedes Benz Safely?

Jump starting a Mercedes Benz is a challenging task and could cost you a fortune if performed wrong. It is common for your warning lights to light up after you jump start your ride. This article will enlighten you to keep the unnecessary problems and repairs.

  1. Use the dedicated jump start terminals

Mostly all the Mercedes Benz models and Mercedes C Class have a positive battery terminal in the engine bay designed in such a way that is particularly meant for jump starting. The terminal is covered with a red plastic covered which bears a sign +. This terminal is useful to jump start a Mercedes Benz.

  1. Detach and charge the battery whenever you can

If the scenario permits, detach the battery terminals and charge the battery separately prior to starting your Mercedes Benz. By doing this, you will keep all the unnecessary warning and fault codes at bay. It will also not cause damage to the electronics as well. Warnings like Low Battery Voltage and SRS Airbag Malfunction can occur as the battery takes a tad bit of time to get charged. This can be prevented if your battery is charged prior to starting your car. If your battery is totally new battery that is discharged, then change it to 2 amp trickle charge to bring it back to life. Always remember to charge your battery for at least 12 hours when using this method.

  1. Make the use of a jump starter that offers reverse polarity protection

If you are lost in the parking lot, then you have to jump start your Benz as it is the only option. We suggest you to go for the jump starter that offers reverse polarity protection. They will let you to safely connect to any battery and bring down the potential damage risks to the costly electronic components and control units in the vehicle. You can choose the Noco Genius Boost GB40 as it offers the Ultra Safe spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection. This model offers the 1000 Max Amps and cold cranking enough to jump start the 8 cylinder Mercedes Benz engines and can be easily fitted in your glove box.

  1. The MB medic 2×10 minute rule

Connect the jumper wires or jump box to your inactive Mercedes Benz battery and let the battery charge for 10 minutes before you jump start. This doesn’t only recover your battery or the charging process but it makes it easier to crank the engine. Or else you may only hear a click and the engine won’t start. Keep the jumper cables connected for 10 minutes more after you start the car. The jump box will then offer current to your Mercedes Benz if the voltage is still low. Meanwhile, the main battery keeps charging.